Twitter artists have long been a source of wisdom for how to deal with annoying Windows updates and how to be an awkward bird, but how about some good, honest drawing advice too?

Well, the advice doesn’t get much more honest than what Japanese Twitter user @bozobozodog recently posted:

“I tried my hand at drawing a drawing tutorial.”
(Comic translation below)

△ When you’ve drawn a face but can’t think of a good pose…

✔ …just bury it in the ground!

*Note: This character is a trained professional.

Brilliant! The possibilities are endless. Rather than fumbling up drawing a disappointing body for the head you’re proud of, instead you can create intrigue, excitement, and mystery in the mind of the viewer.

Why is the head in the ground? Did someone put it there? Did it put itself there? Did it just grow there?! The lore of your picture deepens by so much with just a few lines.

Many replies showed how this outstanding artistic design has been implemented many times before thoughout the ages:

▼ Diglett, of course! There’s nothing underneath that head except artistic genius.

▼ The mystery of Easter Island has finally been solved:
they were just ahead of their time.

▼ “Bury” is umaru in Japanese, so here is Umaru-foy.

▼ And, uh, apparently you grow a woman’s head in this PS2 game Tomak: Save the Earth.

Other Japanese netizens chimed in with their thoughts on the artistic revolution:

“This is very relevant to my interests.”
“You can even vary it up by burying them in a hot spring or under a blanket.”
“You could even put them in a bottle too.”
“I love how the character does not look disturbed at all from being buried.”
“This is great advice, I will definitely make use of it!”

We’re glad to hear that this advice has helped so many frustrated artists out there. And if you’re looking for other, similarly helpful artistic suggestions, be sure to check out how to carve bananas from a banana-carving expert.

Source, top image: Twitter/@bozobozodog
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