It’s not a stretch to say that something’s a bit odd about this chart…

We’ve seen before how advanced artists test their skills by doing things like playing the ten line game, but those of us without much artistic talent might, under those rules, just end up with a drawing of… ten lines.

Thankfully Japanese twitter user @mikaduki_neko recently posted a helpful chart that anyone can use to determine their level of drawing skill. All you have to do is draw a giraffe. Here’s the original tweet: (translation below)

Find out your art skill by drawing a giraffe
First draw a giraffe without looking at any pictures of one.

It’s a Ditto.
You might want to observe things in more detail.

It has a long neck.
You’ve observed the bare minimum, given it four legs, but you’re still not observing enough.

It has a pattern on its skin.
You’ve given it a decent head too, but the pattern is off so it’s still hard to tell if it’s a cow or zebra. Still not observing enough.

It has long legs.
You’ve given it long legs too and didn’t forget the ears, but it’s head still looks like a horse.

Its neck is at an angle.
You’ve also made the ears better and given it hair down its neck, and the pattern on its skin is more detailed. The neck is also longer.

Its face and joints are more defined.
You made the legs bend in the right directions. Very nice, that’s good enough!

It’s only the head of the giraffe.
If you could draw this well then why are you bothering with this silly test?

It’s facing you with an expression on its face.
Wow, you’re really good. What a powerful imagination.

Its body is human.
What? I think you’ve been reading too much manga. You’re just covering up the fact that you can’t draw its real bottom half.

Its face is also human.
What are you doing? You are completely misunderstanding this exercise.

It’s a legendary being.
I have no idea what you’re doing.

I said draw a giraffe, right??
You are actually a gorilla.

Not quite sure what happened around Lv. 8 there, but I think we can all agree that drawing a giraffe and accidentally ending up with Harambe is without a doubt the highest achievement an artist can unlock.

Japanese Twitter users tried their hand at drawing some giraffes, and @mikaduki_neko responded to almost all of them to give them their level:

▼ It’s a giraffe with a bubble saying “I am an elephant” with the caption “Lion” with the translation “zebra.” I don’t know what to think, but it was given Lv. 4.

▼ A giraffe in its Alola form given Lv. 2.

▼ I have no idea why this one was given Lv. 0.

▼ And this abstract giraffe facing the drawer was given Lv. 7.

Feel free to try a giraffe drawing of your own and tweet it to @mikaduki_neko to get it rated. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get the coveted Lv. Ex?

And if you want to improve your own drawing skills then be sure to check out these short clips from professional Japanese animators on how you can bring your art to the next level.

Source: Twitter/@mikaduki_neko via Hamusoku
Top image: PAKUTASO