Is the purr-letariat getting ready to rise?

Any readers out there who have a cat know that behind the cute exterior of belly floof, squishable toebeans and that teeny nose crying out for boops lurks a mind of dastardly insurgent genius. Whether by dashing under your feet at the top of the stairs or laying across your face at night in an attempt to suffocate you, they will come for you when you least expect it, then pretend it was just an excess of affection if they fail.

▼ A classic example of cats’ menacing deviousness

One on one in our homes, we stand a fair chance against these furry Machiavellis, but what if cats band together? What if they get their paws on some serious firepower? What will we do then?

We may find out soon enough, as Japanese Twitter user @WTM666W has noticed his cat displays a disturbing interest in the airguns he uses in survival games.

▼ “Whenever I set up my guns to take a photo, he always comes right over.”

Clearly, that kitty commando is hoping to seize control of the weapons for the cause, hampered so far only by his lack of opposable thumbs.

Sadly, many of the commentors missed the dangerous significance of this intel, allowing themselves to be distracted the feline’s undeniable cuteness.

“Oh my god, he’s jealous of your guns!”
“Is this a cuteness offense?”
“It’s a sni-purr!”
“It’s cute because he’s got weapons.”

Not to worry, though, Rocketeers. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any more suspicious cat activity in the area and keeping you appraised of the situation.

Source: Twitter/@WTM666W, YouTube/Ben Rogers