The looks and achievements of the English actor hint at what women really want in a man.

Over the years, people on Twitter have pondered over what makes the ideal woman or man. So far, we’ve seen illustrations of the perfect girlfriend and descriptions of the dream boyfriend, and now it’s time to look at another ideal, which Twitter user @urmyviz believes is English actor Tom Hiddleston. 

Sure, the 38-year-old is good-looking, but as surveys tell us time and time again, good looks don’t always make for the ideal man. So let’s take a look at why Hiddleston is “what women believe is the perfect man”, as illustrated in this tweet by @urmyviz below:

On the left-hand side of the tweet is the following list of attributes:

  • Height: 188 centimetres (six foot two) and with legs measuring 114 centimetres
  • Has a slender build but sculpted body
  • Has a great voice
  • Has a great accent
  • Is a feminist
  • A level of gentleman that wouldn’t dare touch a woman’s skin without her permission
  • A UNICEF Ambassador
  • A Golden Globe winner
  • An angel

Then on the right-hand side:

  • Estimated annual income: In the hundred million to billion yen range
  • Went from the super prestigious Dragon School to Eton College, the same college attended by Prince William.
  • Graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, which is notoriously difficult to get into
  • Graduated with a double-first from the University of Cambridge
  • Born into noble lineage on his mother’s side
  • Can speak four languages (English, French, Greek and Spanish)
  • His nickname is “The Prince”
  • He’s so great that his castmates gush about him being “the best guy in the world”
  • He can play everything from the piano to the spoons

Yes, you read that last line correctly; here he is playing the spoons on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Hiddleston’s long list of attributes and accomplishments really do make him stand out as a catch for anyone looking for a match on Tinder. But hey, let’s face it, we’re not likely to find a hot date who’s descended from gentry like Hiddleston, and there’s even less of a chance they’ll come with a million-dollar pay cheque.

So we’ll just use this as a timely reminder to keep our unrealistic expectations in check as we continue our search for the perfect man at this popular Tokyo pick-up spot. And hey, if he ends up being half as good-looking as Hiddleston, we won’t complain!

Source: Kinisoku
Featured image: Twitter/@urmyviz

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