That wily shrunken PI always gets to the bottom of things, even while licensing his brand to a line of curry.

It’s an unwritten rule in Japan that you haven’t truly made it until an instant curry has been made in your honor. Just ask, Attack on Titan, Dragon Quest, Jun Mizutani, Night of the Living Dead, Dhalsim, or X Japan.

Now it’s time for the eternally young-again Detective Conan to shine in a glistening brown sauce for your rice. Well, not exactly. Actually the detective himself doesn’t appear on these packs nor are either of them brown.

Instead curry-lovers are asked to choose what kind of outlaw they relate to more: “Brilliant White Curry” or “Criminal’s Black Curry.”

The Brilliant White Curry features the crossover character and gentleman thief Kaito Kid (Kid the Phantom Thief) on the box. Inside is a white curry with chicken, but don’t let the mild appearance fool you, for deep inside is an exciting blend of “original spices.”

The Criminal’s Black Curry has a more nondescript maniacal looking character front and center on the box. Much like the package this black curry with pork has a bold spicy taste and black pepper for even more of a kick in the teeth.

Fan reaction seems to be leaning towards the dark side.

“I’d rather choose the Kid, but the black looks really delicious.”
“The Criminal’s Black Curry lol. The criminal’s face is huge lol.”
“I don’t know why, but I have a craving for the Criminal’s Black Curry.”
“Why didn’t they make the black one of the Black Organization?”

It is a mystery in itself why the Black Organization, responsible for Conan’s diminutive form, aren’t repping the black curry. Perhaps, they avoided those characters so as not to dredge up the one mystery that super-sleuth Conan Edogawa just cannot seem to solve even after a couple of decades of arrested development.

By the way, if you don’t like all the criminal profiling of having to choose a flavor, then you can always go for the standard Detective Conan curry, already on sale on Amazon, for 840 yen (US$8) with all the familiar gang on the pack and even a slightly off English subtitle as the series has been known to produce from time to time: “Detective Conan Tottori Cow Curry of Enchantment.”

Otherwise, no need to rush into a black or white curry. They don’t go on sale at the Chara-ani website until October for 648 yen ($6) a pack.

Case closed, let’s go eat!

Source: Chara-ani/ Brilliant White Curry, Chara-ani/Criminal’s Black Curry, Nijimen (Japanese)
Images: Chara-ani (1, 2), Amazon