My Matcha Pie is what it’s called in English, but the sweet’s Japanese name gets an extra dash of class.

A popular dessert is returning to Burger King Japan, and its English name is pretty straightforward: My Matcha Pie. But while that gives you the basic idea, it’s the Japanese name, Watakushi no Matcha Pie, that really conveys how classy it is.

Watakushi no means “my,” and watakushi “I.” There are many ways to say “I” in Japanese, though, and watakushi carries an eminently elegant tone compared to other first-person pronouns. That might seem a little overblown for fast-food sweets, but Burger King Japan’s partner in creating the Watakushi no Matcha Pie is none other than Morihan, a highly respected Kyoto green tea company that was founded in the 7th year of Japan’s Tenpo era, or 1836 by the Western calendar reckoning.

For the Watakushi no Matcha Pie, Morihan provides prized matcha grown in Uji, Kyoto’s premier green tea-producing region. Matcha powder goes into both the crisp pie crust and the matcha cream filling for a high-class mixture of non-cloying sweetness and gentle tea bitterness. The only thing that’s not matcha in the pie are the azuki sweet beans, sourced from Hokkaido, mixed in with the cream, but their lack of matcha-ness can be forgiven, since azuki makes everything better.

The Watakushi no Matcha Pie initially appeared last fall, though like with many desserts in Japan, was only available for a limited time. As of March 31, though, it’s back, though once again no one knows how long it’ll stay. The important thing, though, is that it’s here now, and even discounted by 20 yen to 220 yen (US$1.70) until April 6.

Source: PR Times via Entabe
Images: PR Times
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