The original creator of Mario shows us how easy it is to play Nintendo’s first smartphone game, Super Mario Run.

Nintendo has announced the December release of its first smartphone game featuring the one and only Mario. Shigeru Miyamoto, “the father of Mario”, introduces the basics of Super Mario Run in a new video while working out and eating a hamburger.

Miyamoto demonstrates that even busy people can still download and play Super Mario Run. Whether you’re working out at the gym or shaking the hand of some foreigner you can still continue playing the game. Or probably most importantly, you can still play even if you’re “holding onto a handle on the train”. Miyamoto shows us that he can even eat a hamburger while collecting coins.

▼ Play while greeting random foreigners


▼ Play while working on your biceps


Miyamoto also gives us a basic run down on the “new style for Mario gameplay”.

“In this game, Mario runs on his own so you can play it one-handed. And Mario will also hurdle small enemies and small gaps on his own as well making it very comfortable to play,” says Miyamoto.

▼ This video provides a bit of a closer look at the gameplay.

Here’s how some internet commenters reacted to Miyamoto’s video:

“Miyamoto looks really well, doesn’t he?”
“That looks like a delicious hamburger!!!!!”
“The game style looks pretty standard, but I can’t wait to see the reaction for something made by ‘Super Mario’.”

Miyamoto encourages everyone to “take on this new challenge”. Will you be playing one-handed Mario when it’s released?

Source: Otakomu
Images: YouTube/Nintendo Mobile