We get romanced by a team of smooth-skinned samurai at Tokyo Game Show, and also an insane stalker.

Previously, we took a moment to show you some of the lovely female booth models of Tokyo Game Show 2016. But it’s not just the male gaze that exhibitors are trying to capture at Japan’s biggest digital entertainment expo, as our Japanese-language correspondent Debuneko came across a team of handsome costumed men at the booth of romance game publisher Voltage.





Rather than just let visitors play demo versions of their games, Voltage decided to get creative and craft experiences that captured the titles’ themes and atmospheres. So in the promotion for the feudal Japan-set Sengoku Shogun’s Sweet Temptation mobile game, Debuneko found herself standing outside the sliding doors to the private chambers of a samurai warlord.


Make that a handsome samurai warlord.



Female-oriented dating simulators and anime are all about bold yet technically chaste gestures, and the samurai greeted Debuneko by placing his folding fan under her chin and gazing intensely into her eyes…


…before beckoning her into his room to sample some sweet snacks he’d prepared in anticipation of her arrival.


And since variety is a key component of a well-made romance game, there were multiple samurai for attendees to enjoy brief liaisons with, which included such gentle moments as a stroke of the lady’s hair or gallantly draping a coat around her shoulders.







But while all these swordsmen had some measure of sensitive side, that can’t necessarily be said about the casts of two other games being promoted at the Voltage booth. VR title A Teasing Kiss in the Suite Room seems to be targeting fans of less traditional courtship methods. Shortly after Debuneko sat down in the elegant chair set up for the demo and put on the headset, an image of a man in black suit appeared.


Leaning in close, with a disdainful look in his eyes, he forcefully informed her, “I’ve purchased you,” which, although it has plenty of impact, isn’t really the most common of pick-up lines.


Actually, if you find “confinement” to be a crucial element of a romance game, Voltage really has you covered, as the booth also had an escape game set up as a promotion for Doubt~Which Man is the Liar?~, in which players had to try to solve puzzles in order to free themselves from the room their deranged ex-boyfriend, Shizuo, has locked them in before he comes home. Unfortunately, Debuneko wasn’t able to escape, but she did get to commemorate her failure by snapping a picture with the model portraying Shizuo at Tokyo Game Show.


“He’s insane (but handsome)” Debuneko told us in her report, and although she seemed to enjoy her time at the Voltage booth, we’re glad he’s just a model playing a part.

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