The reason for their entry will surprise you.

Travellers to Japan can enjoy a huge variety of different accommodation options, including tiny capsules with anime characters, luxurious ryokan stays, and Air BnB private islands. For those after a truly unusual experience, love hotels are sure to please, with hourly rates and surprising interiors, but one love hotel in Kobe is aiming to go above and beyond to please guests, with an extraordinary offer they’re hoping will get them into the Guinness World Records.


Just a ten-minute walk from Kobe’s Motomachi Station, Hotel Chapel Sweet has been making news around Japan for its unique service for guests. Rather than appealing to any kinky desires though, the hotel is highlighting the sweeter side of love, with a “welcome parfait” provided for free to all guests who stay with them.


Their new parfait menu doesn’t feature just basic chocolate or vanilla, instead it contains an eye-popping 500 varieties to choose from! This guest spread news of the free parfait service to other users on Twitter, and since then it received more than 40,000 retweets.


The colourful menu is filled with beautiful pictures of each parfait, featuring ingredients like cookies, tropical fruits, and Pocky chocolate sticks. According to the company website, they also have more unique flavours on offer, like takoyaki, gyoza, and fried oysters. While there’s a limit to one per customer, it’s hard to believe these gorgeous cream-filled desserts are all free!


While the company previously introduced 200 types of free parfaits at the hotel back in 2008, this year they increased the number of parfaits to 500, and with so many now on offer at the one establishment, the managing company is applying to achieve recognition for their menu by applying for a Guinness World record.


We’ve certainly never heard of any other hotel offering a menu of 500 free parfaits before, so there’s a good chance they’ll be successful with their application! If you’re interested in trying one of their free desserts, check out their website for more details.

Source: Togech
Top Image: Club Chapel Hotels
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