The new hotel caters to the desires of anime fans with a series of intimate capsules.

Akihabara Bay Hotel has been open for just a few months and already it’s become a hot topic online for its unique accommodation plans. With a pretty looking entrance and pink-hued relaxation areas, the women-only capsule hotel previously made news for collaborating with the animated cast of Japanese mobile game, Ensemble Stars!, and now they’re setting out to please female anime fans once again, with another handsome-looking collaboration.

The cast of Ensemble Stars! greeted fans in common areas and with bright wall displays inside select capsules.

This time, things are getting a lot more cosy in the capsules, with guests able to spend some one-on-one time with their choice of male idol from the King of Prism by PrettyRhythm anime film released in January this year.

Fans of the spinoff film from the popular Pretty Rhythm franchise won’t ever feel lonely going to sleep with one of these handsome boys by their side!

Located on the fifth floor of the hotel, these special capsule rooms can be chosen by character at the time of booking. The boys can also be spotted in common areas of the hotel.

Guests who choose to stay in the King of Prism rooms will also be given a serial code that allows them to purchase the same life-size stickers online. So you can sleep with your favourite boy and then take him home too!

The promotion is only available for a limited time from 8 – 30 September, so if you want to enjoy a sleepover with an anime star, be sure to visit the Akihabara Bay Hotel website or the official King of Prism page for more details!

Source: Twitter/@BAYHOTEL_Group
Top Image: Twitter/@1up_news