7-Eleven’s edible cat paw proves Japanese convenience store sweets are on a whole other level

New limited-edition  “meow parfait” captures the look and texture of a kitten paw for Cat Day.

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Sweet Japanese couple serve jumbo parfaits at hidden underground joint in Osaka

Desserts as sweet as the couple who makes them.

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Is this the rudest parfait in all of Japan?

“Prohibited Parfait” brings new meaning to nude food.

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Starbucks Japan’s new parfait cake has to be seen to be believed

W0w. Just…wow.

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Nagoya soon to join Tokyo and get its own secret, members-only parfait bar

And if the crowdfunding campaign is anything to go by, it’s gonna be extremely popular!

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This sumptuous strawberry dessert at a Tokyo hotel is almost too stunning to stand

After witnessing such strawberry peaks, how can we ever be satisfied with lesser desserts?

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Got a sweet tooth? Here are our reporters’ favorite new-release convenience store desserts

Try one of these seven tasty treats the next time you have a sweets craving!

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Denny’s Japan collaborates with Godiva for decadent, limited-edition dessert menu

Chocoholics, you have five very good reasons to visit this family restaurant.

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Eating the Olympic Torch Parfait in Tokyo

Special dessert acts like a beacon of hope for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to go ahead next year.

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New Dassai sake parfait crashes reservation system in Japan

There’s a reason why they call this the “phantom sake”.

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Matcha parfait ice cream bars: Kyoto tea store deconstructs parfaits, creates stunning new sweets

We try the most beautiful ice creams in Japan.

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Tokyo store sells beautiful Japanese fruit sandwiches that look like floral arrangements

A fruity bouquet of flavour for your taste buds, with a special surprise hidden in the back of each one. 

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Mr Sato tries the gorgeous new bonsai parfait that everyone’s talking about in Harajuku

The delicious bonsai dessert comes in three different varieties.

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Matcha parfait looks like a Japanese zen garden, hides a treasure trove of secret surprises

Served in a traditional wooden box, this unusual green tea creation is one of the most sought-after sweets in Tokyo.

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Japanese love hotel makes plans to apply for Guinness World Record

The reason for their entry will surprise you.

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Kyoto book cafe serves up cute cat parfaits in traditional Japanese machiya townhouse

Now you can enjoy all the delights of a cat-shaped dessert while immersed in the traditional culture of Kyoto.

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Japanese diners are raving about “fish parfait” made with grilled bonito and ginger

People in Japan love parfait. From massive concoctions topped with an entire slice of cake to more inventive creations designed to represent Japanese bonsai, we’ve always been keen to share the best of our frozen dessert finds with our dear readers, and today is no exception.

Because today we bring you the fish parfait. To be specific, this is a lightly grilled sashimi bonito parfait, which combines the rich, succulent flavours of seared fish and garlic with the sweet taste of ice cream. So what is it that makes this such a successful combination?

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Tiramisu soil and a moss parfait: We dig into bonsai treats at Tokyu Hands Cafe

Tokyu Hands is known for its amazing array of goods. From bicycles to Kabuki face masks and everything in between, this is a company that’s built their brand with a focus on providing unique and innovative Japanese products to the local and international market.

Now, the cafe on the top floor of their Shibuya store is also showcasing its creative credibility, by transforming its space into a pop-up Bonsai Cafe, in collaboration with the Omiya Bonsai Museum in Saitama. With miniature trees and special goods on display, here it’s the unusual menu that’s really taking centre stage.

After seeing photos of their special matcha latte, an unusual tiramisu and a parfait served in a bonsai pot, we pulled on our gumboots and headed out on a rainy afternoon to give these treats a try. Come with us as we treat our taste buds to an enchanted walk through a delicious miniature garden.

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【TBT】Who needs a cherry on top? Osaka café crowns its parfaits with cake

Tokyo’s restaurants may have more Michelin stars, but for many Japanese foodies, the real culinary action is in Osaka. Particularly if your tastes run more towards good honest grub than haute cuisine, Japan’s second largest city is the place to be.

The people of Osaka enjoy a good meal so much that they coined the phrase kuidaore, to eat until you collapse. But even with this image firmly entrenched in our minds, the city has found a new way to surprise us with its gastronomic decadence.

On a recent day out in Osaka, our reporter stopped by a café and ordered a truly hard-core parfait. It wasn’t that the parfait was so big, and no, it didn’t contain any shocking ingredients. What blew our minds about this parfait was its topping.

It was a slice of cake, and it was so big it wasn’t even trying to fit into the glass.

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Limited-time Pokémon shop and Pikachu Cafe to open in Roppongi Hills!

In celebration of the release of this year’s Pokémon movie Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction on Saturday, a special “Pokémon the Movie XY Shop” will be open in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills between July 19 and August 31. Pokémon fans will definitely want to stock up on the limited-edition goods being sold there, as well as sample the adorable Pikachu-themed food at the “Pikachu Cafe.” Plus, the shop will be located on the observation deck of one of Tokyo’s highest buildings, so you can fit in some essential sightseeing, too!

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