Just another regular day in Japan.

Ever since he appeared as an arcade game toy back in 2003, Kapibara-san has been loved by the masses in Japan. The adorable character, modelled on the world’s largest rodent, the real-life capybara, is so adored he now appears on clothing, stationery, keychains, and even edible meals at his own dedicated cafe.

Kapibara-san can often be seen in animated images ferrying his smaller friends around on his head, in a style known as “nosu nosu” or stacking. It’s a trait so endearing that some Japanese people feel inclined to stack their own Kapibara-san toys on real capybaras, with the animals proving to be just as obliging as their animated counterparts.


While the stacked Kapibara-san characters are charming in the animated world, nobody really expects to see them walking around in real life, so when this Twitter user saw a trio of brown-coloured creatures coming towards her in the mall, she immediately took out her phone to capture the moment on film. According to the shopper, seeing Kapibara-san walking home was a surreal experience.

The way the different-sized capybaras swished by as one entity, passing familiar stores as if it were a regular shopper, has been bringing smiles to the faces of thousands, who were quick to like and reshare the clip on Twitter, leaving comments like:

“Squeeeee! I absolutely love this character!”
“I wish I was there to see it! I would’ve run up and given them a huge cuddle!”
“I wonder what it’s like for the person inside the costume!”
“Don’t ruin the fantasy – it’s real and there’s no-one inside!”

“Those top two should jump off – the one underneath is walking like it’s exhausted!”

While most comments were full of adoration for the charming characters, others couldn’t help laughing at their appearance, likening the stack to a pile of, well, poo. It’s not easy being a brown and stocky-shaped character, but we reckon Kapibara-san pulls it off with plenty of kawaii!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@mahi1029