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Harajuku’s new Harakado complex: A cool place to drink matcha in a secret oasis above the city

Former Condomania site springs to life with a hidden gem inside an amazing Tokyo building.

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Unusual curved escalators are the crowning jewel of this shopping mall in Osaka

Join us for a ride on two of the world’s most unique escalators.

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“Genius” child seat at food court in Japanese shopping mall goes viral

Another example of amazing customer service in Japan.

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Capybara characters ride on each other’s heads and walk home through Japanese shopping mall

Just another regular day in Japan.

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21 hauntingly beautiful photos of deserted shopping malls

Hundreds of shopping malls across the U.S. have been forced to shut down following years of debilitating declines in consumer traffic.

In many cases, the shuttered malls are left to decay for years before developers or local governments raise the funds to bulldoze or renovate the space.

Pseudonymous photographer Seph Lawless traveled the country for years to find these forgotten malls and document their decay from the inside.

The photos he captured are haunting and apocalyptic, featuring dead trees and abandoned shopping carts against landscapes of broken glass and crumbling walls.

He compiled the photographs in a new book, “Black Friday: The Collapse of the American Shopping Mall,” and shared some of them with Business Insider.

You can also see his work on Facebook and Instagram.

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