Okinawan seaside becomes the perfect setting for this Lapras vs Gyarados showdown.

We’ve seen some unusual gym locations for mobile game Pokémon GO in Japan recently but this latest find is blowing fans away with its hyper sense of realism, thanks to the two water-dwelling Pokémon at the centre of the battle and the awesome seaside environment in which it takes place.

Twitter user @YMDTKSH posted screenshots of the impressive showdown as it began, with Lapras vs Gyarados facing off in augmented reality mode. The Atrocious Pokémon can be seen emerging menacingly from the ocean waves, where it’s known to reside, while Lapras looks poised to journey out across the ocean just as it does in the popular franchise.


The boundary between augmented reality and the real world blurs even further as Gyarados bears down with a sheet of water spray, an attack so perfect for the setting that it looks like his violent rampage is destroying people in his path.


Once the gamer tweeted out images of the battle scene, which was set at Okinawa’s famous Churaumi Aquarium, they immediately received thousands of likes and retweets.

Here’s what fellow gamers had to say about the stunning seaside showdown.

“Wow – what an intense scene!”
“This is like a dream becoming a reality!”
“What a place for the rare ocean beast to appear!”
“How spectacular! This is the ultimate spot to play the game!”
“Seeing as the aquarium is such a popular destination for school excursions, I bet there’ll be heaps of students battling here on their phones!”

According to the trainer who posted the images, Churaumi Aquarium is a fantastic place for catching Pokémon, with more than 20 different types in the area.

With airfares to Okinawa priced so low at the moment, the gamer took the opportunity to travel to the island to check it out. And with such stunning “sightseeing” discoveries at the aquarium, we’re sure he’s glad he made the trip!

Source: Net Lab
Top Image: Twitter/@YMDTKSH
Insert Images: Twitter/@YMDTKSH