Keep calm and carry on decorating your home with Pokémon.

Among the many species of Pokémon, Pikachu is by far the most active. Aside from charming the world and shooting out thunderbolts, the franchise mascot also dances, raps, and occasionally even wrestles.

In contrast, Psyduck doesn’t do much except stand around trying to keep his cool. But hey, you would too if getting too stressed caused you to send out a shock wave of incapacitating psychic energy. Really, unless you’re in the middle of battle, standing around is what any caring Pokémon Trainer wants Psyduck to do, and now you can have him stand around your house as a gigantic life-size plushie.

Just added to the offerings of the Pokémon Center Online, this full-scale Psyduck stands 80 centimeters (31.5 inches) tall, meaning it’s bigger than your kids or younger siblings you’ll try to convince are the ones you’re ordering it for before finally admitting to yourself that you simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give your Lapras sofa a friend.

▼ Psyduck also weighs four kilograms (8.8 pounds), meaning he’s a pretty good workout partner/weight.

Alternatively, if your affection for this Water-type Pokémon outstrips the amount of interior space you can dedicate to your fandom, the Pokémon Center Online also has a more compact plushie, just 22 centimeters tall, where Psyduck is joined by Castform.

▼ You know, sometimes it’s easy to forget that Psyduck is pretty cute, and now we’re kind of sad he doesn’t show up in that cool Looney Tunes-style Pokémon short anime that was just released.

The smaller plushie is available now and sells for 1,980 yen (US$18.50) here, making it a viable impulse buy in terms of both economics and logistics. On the other hand, the life-size Psyduck is priced at 30,800 yen (US$288) and ships in October, with pre-orders for the big guy open now here and continuing until only July 5.

Source: Pokémon Center Online
Top image: Pokémon Center Online
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