Lovably laid-back Pocket Monster is only available for a limited time.

“Which Pokémon would you choose as a partner?” is a hypothetical question that any reasonable person has asked themselves several times. If you’re going on a multi-year journey of self-improvement and self-discovery, then sure, Pikachu is the natural choice, for the mascot’s courage and sense of adventure. Or if you just want to squash some rival Trainers, a high-stat monster like Gyarados or Charizard is a wise choice.

But when you stop and think about it, how much of your actual daily life are you spending wandering the countryside or picking fights with Gym leaders? Not all that much, we’re willing to bet, so you can make a strong case that the best Pokémon partner, one you’d want to share your home with, is actually one who always seems laid-back and content, like Slowpoke.

And if Slowpoke is the best real-life Poké-pal, naturally we need a life-size Slowpoke Plushie, right?

“Enjoy your time at home with relaxed, dopey Slowpoke,” say the creatures of this massive stuffed animal, which measures 150 centimeters (59.1 inches) from its silly, self-satisfied smile to the tip of its tail. It’s also 65 centimeters tall and 75 wide, and weighs 7.8 kilograms (17.2 pounds), blurring the line between plushie and furniture, though its fur promises to be soft and smooth to the touch for suitable huggabilty.

Lovers of cute things, massive things, and, of course, massively cute things, may point out that this isn’t the first life-size Pokémon plushie, as we’ve previously seen full-scale versions of Psyduck and Yamper. But hey, you sort of have to cut someone some slack for being late to the party when their name is Slowpoke, after all.

▼ Plus, as the only Pokémon with an active political career, he was probably pretty busy.

As you might expect, the big Slowpoke comes with a big price tag, as it’s being offered through the Pokémon Center Online shop here for 49,500 yen (US$478).

Shipping is scheduled for mid-November, and while pre-orders are currently scheduled to be open until June 30, limited quantities mean they might close earlier if demand is especially high. In other words, if you’re on the fence about putting in an order or not, you probably won’t want to be as lackadaisical as Slowpoke in making up your mind. Oh, and if you want some Poké-stuff to enjoy outside of the house, don’t forget about the new Poké Ball bug-catching case.

Source, images: Pokémon Center Online
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