This isn’t any rainbow after the storm, but it’s just as beautiful!

Typhoon #16, named Typhoon Malakas, reached mainland Japan on September 20, causing floods and widespread damage across western and central parts of the country. While it’s hard for most to see any beauty in something so destructive as a storm of that magnitude, photographer Atsushi Inoue captured some gorgeous shots in the aftermath of Malakas.

Taken from Takinaicho looking towards Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture, the photographs show a stark contrast between the dark, menacing clouds brought by the storm, and the fiery sunlight shining through.

Commenters on Twitter were also wowed by the eerie beauty of Inoue’s shots:

“It looks like the sky is on fire!”
“It’s so beautiful!”

“It looks like the moment a meteor has fallen to earth and exploded!”
“So much emotion in the lull of a storm lol.”

This isn’t the first time Inoue has impressed the internet with his photography skills. You might remember his gorgeous shots of Yamaguchi Prefecture that we shared with you before. Be sure to follow him on Twitter or Instagram so you don’t miss out on any of his beautiful works!

Source: Instagram/s_sortie, Twitter/@s_sortie via IROIRO
Top image: Twitter/@s_sortie