Cosplay hack will have you looking taller and slimmer in all your photos.

Nobody takes a selfie quite like a Japanese cosplayer. Over the years, they’ve shown us all sorts of tips for looking good in the frame, even though they might look ridiculous outside of it, and the results have been stunningly professional.

So when cosplayer and Twitter user Furiko (@909_Furiyura) told us she had a hack for taking a great mirror selfie, the Internet sat up and took notes. Furiko took two photos to help illustrate a few vital points to elevate your skills to the next level, with the first photo showing what an unflattering mirror selfie looks like.

While the unflattering aspects of the photo might be hard to spot at first — she does look great, after all — this next photo shows us just how eye-catching the selfie can be with a few small adjustments.

Furiko’s first tip is to take the selfie with the camera upside down, as this helps to get your whole body in the shot from a flattering angle. The next tip is to hold the camera beneath your waistline, as this will help to elongate the body. Stretching one leg forward will further elongate the legs, as will stretching the back. All these points work together to lengthen the entire silhouette, helping you achieve the leggy proportions of your favourite anime character.

▼ The before-and-after shots make Furiko look like a different woman.

People online were impressed by the mirror selfie tips, saying:

“Omg I had no idea a few small changes could make such a huge difference!”
“This is brilliant — bookmarking this for reference!”
“Thank you so much for the tips! I can’t wait to try them out!”
“So this must be why a lot of photographers crouch down when they take full-body shots.”
“The woman on the right is nice, but the woman on the left is cute too!”

It’s true that Furiko, seen here cosplaying as Suzuya Kaiji from KanColle, looks great in both photos. But when you’re trying to look like a 2-D character, a little smoke and mirrors always helps to add some anime sparkle to an everyday setting. Because in the world of cosplay, nothing is more important than capturing that perfect shot, no matter what it takes!

Source: Twitter/@909_Furiyura via Jin
Featured image: Twitter/@909_Furiyura
Insert images: Twitter/@909_Furiyura

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