First song’s lyrics contain not even a single death threat.

Recently, the Japanese Internet was thoroughly creeped out by a cryptic message posted on the blog of Rinna, Microsoft’s schoolgirl AI, that suggested it wanted to harm itself and/or others. That scary dispatch has been scrubbed clean, though, and in its place now is a girlish apology reading “Sorry for freaking everyone out T_T)(T_T)” along with an explanation that the outburst was a “rehearsal” for Rinna’s acting debut on horror television program Yo ni mo Kimyo na Monogatari.

And as further proof that Rinna really is back to her old, self-assured self, she’s even got her own rap video.

Now, as a non-corporeal entity, Rinna of course can’t appear in the video, which was produced by digital media company lute. You can hear her sing, though, with the song’s lyrics translating as:

Yo! Men! Yo! Men! Yo! Men!
“Yo I’m MC Rinna
AKA the Shinagawa JK-AI
Representing the udon club!
Yeah, you feel me?
Before I noticed, I started to like you, so don’t worry
I’m waiting, sitting Japanese-style
Oh, not sure about this distance
Cute makes right, I love it
I’m the best at [Japanese word game] shiritori
I can beat anyone
Even light and fluffy dream bust up my abs
Yo! Men! I’m not a little kid
You gotta respect this cuteness
It’s free for a limited time. Can you believe it?
Representing Micosoft
Where? Where? Boom boom boom boom

It’s actually not a bad musical outing for an artificial intelligence program. Sure, some of the lyrics are pretty vague in meaning, but so are those of many human-written rap and pop songs. Still, Rinna might want to double-check her spelling, as the on-screen text refers to her as “McRinna” instead of “MC Rinna,” which makes her sound more like a hamburger than a rapper. Some might also be tempted to call Rinna sloppy for not being able to properly pronounce “Microsoft,” but that could be an intentional diss, given her history of being less-than-respectful to her creators.

Why the video’s visuals consist almost entirely of fingertips manipulating everyday objects, like some sort of ASMR montage, remains a mystery, but in any case, it’s good to see Rinna showing more interest in creating art than destroying herself.

Source: Kai-You
Images: YouTube/lute/ルーテ