Now, this is certainly unlike any curry we’ve seen before! 

Japanese bookstore and novelty shop chain Village Vanguard have once again amused us with a distinctly quirky  offering: pink and blue translucent curry!

This striking-looking curry is apparently available exclusively through Village Vanguard, and it appears they’re being quite secretive about it, since the product information page doesn’t tell us much about the ingredients used or the flavor of the curry. Instead, they’re promoting it more as a mysterious, magical curry, made possible by the “special powers” of the Village Vanguard product development team.

The pink and blue curry come in separate pouches, so you can have it in just one color if you want to.

▼ The pink is truly a vibrant, striking color!


▼ And the blue is also very bright, almost like slime, actually! But how do they get it translucent?


And if you mix the two colors, you get something even more magical, according to the folks at Village Vanguard. But they’re not telling us how it tastes…we guess you’re supposed to try it yourself.

▼ How would you like some color, spice, and magic on your rice?


The item, which is officially called Maje Maje Curry (Mix-Mix Curry), comes in this cute package that we assume is intended to show that this is a special curry created through magic by what Japan refers to as a maho shojo (magical girl).  Each package contains two pouches of curry (the pink and blue) for 972 yen (US$9.40).


The magical curry will go on sale from Village Vanguard from October 13 both online and at their shops across Japan. They started taking pre-orders on their online shop last week, but apparently they’re out of pre-order stock for the moment, so you’ll have to wait for them to resume online sales if you want to purchase through their site.   So, who’s game for a little color and magic with their curry meal?

Source: Village Vanguard online shop
Images: Village Vanguard online shop product page