“Recommended for those who want to get sick.”

We’ve seen canned air before with gimmicks like canned AKB48 member air, but usually the contents are something you want to breathe, not something you want to avoid.

But British-born Beijing-resident Dominic Johnson-Hill, founder of the novelty shirt shop Plaster 8, is turning that convention on its head. He recently started selling something online that most people would rather never let enter their nostrils: canned Beijing air.

▼ Mmm… I’mma crack that baby open
and smell me up some progress!

beijing-air-01Plaster 8

For those unaware, Beijing has some of the most polluted air in the world. The air levels have reached the “red light warning” (the worst possible level) three times so far just this autumn, and the worst quality air in over ten years is expected to hit the city between October and December.

And now you too can breathe such lovely air, thanks to canned Beijing Air!

▼ Here’s a video showing off Dominic’s shop
and him talking about his canned Beijing Air

You might be wondering why anyone would buy these, especially considering the ridiculous lengths some Chinese people have gone to avoid breathing unpleasant air. But the cans really seem like the perfect present to being back to friends and family from a trip to Beijing… so long as they have a decent sense of humor. Even if they couldn’t accompany you on your trip, now they can at least enjoy the same smells and coughs that you did.

Of course the entire product is very tongue-in-cheek. The cans don’t even technically contain air from Beijing – they were all bottled in China’s southern Shenzhen city.

Still, there have been a lot of angry and sarcastic opinions online. Here’s what some netizens had to say:

“Does this count as selling narcotics?”
“Beijing air is the worst. Whatever you do, do not breathe this.”
“Recommended for those who want to get sick. One sniff and you’re good.”

If despite all the warnings you’re still interested in a can of Beijing Air of your own, then you can purchase them for 28 RMB (US$4) on Plaster 8’s online shop. But be quick! As of this writing there are only 53 left. For some reason they’re selling fast, so get your can of smoggy air soon!

Source: YouTube/NDTTVJP via TOYCHAN, YouTube/Ruptly TV
Top image: YouTube/Ruptly TV