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When you’re too introverted to ask your roommates to please smoke outside.

So we all know the secondhand smoke is bad, but how far would you be willing to go to avoid it?

Chances are, probably not as far as this Chinese college student in Nanning City who set up a whole “respiration device” in a dorm room he shares with smokers.

▼ Obviously this is the much more reasonable solution than changing rooms.

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Yep, it’s just as crazy as it looks. His head is covered in a cardboard box, connected to a series of plastic trash bags, with air being blown through it by a small mechanical fan above the door. If that’s not putting what you’re learning in college to use, then I don’t know what is.

▼ So, let’s run through it.
First, we start with the cardboard box head covering…

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▼ …connected to a series of plastic trash bags duct taped together…

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▼ …which leads to a fan by the opening above the door,
which presumably leads to non-smoker-filled areas.

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▼ Here’s a map of how it works. Fresh arrows flow in from outside,
so the user doesn’t have to breathe nasty squiggly lines.

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▼ So what’s this student doing that requires such intense dedication to
staying in his toxic dorm room? Studying? Cramming for a test?

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▼ Nope. He’s just playing a game. Well, I guess it would be kind of inconvenient
to unplug all of those USBs and move the laptop somewhere else….

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Here’s what netizens had to say about the contraption:

“He’s like a human airduct.”
“Wouldn’t he die of overheating before secondhand smoke?”
“This is a joke, right? This has to be a joke.”
“He’s either the best or worst engineering student ever, I can’t tell.”

Either way, you know that when you go out of your way to breathe in China’s infamously polluted air, then you’ve really got it bad.

Source: Weibo/闪电之力量 via Narinari
Images: Weibo/闪电之力量 (Edited by RocketNews24)