This feline packs a mean punch!

At times Mother Nature can be cruel – eat or be eaten, kill or be killed, survival of the fittest, and all that. And while our domesticated furry friends may no longer have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, sometimes that instinctual drive to eat ALL THE FOOD can lead to frenzied chaos at mealtimes.

Take Japanese Twitter user @i_poti‘s cat pack, for example. She says that recently, her cat Nikko has taken to beating up on his sibling Daifuku while watching and waiting for their food to be prepared. @i_poti caught the pummeling on camera and posted it to her Twitter.

@i_poti’s followers, and subsequently tens of thousands of others across Twitter, loved one shot in particular…

▼ “Critical hit!”

In the photo, Nikko appears to be swinging his left paw in to give Daifuku a clean uppercut to the jaw, as if to say, “Back! The food’s mine!”

▼ Nikko swings right and… POW! Right in the kisser!

Having been retweeted over 47,000 times and liked over 48,000, it seems Nikko is well on his way to becoming the next big boxing star!

Source: Twitter/@i_poti via Hamster Sokuhou
Featured image: Twitter/@i_poti