cat shoji crash top

“Oh hi, you’re home early.”

Oh cats. They’re like mother nature’s buggy software that should’ve had a few more adjustments before it was released to the world. Whether they’re accidentally blending into blankets or roaming around at night in ridiculous patterns, the way cats’ minds work is truly something special.

Take, for example, this very special feline who didn’t quite understand how to use a shoji, a Japanese sliding paper door, as tweeted by @harapeko_lady:

▼ “Umm, uhh….”

▼ “Hey, so, you may have a couple questions…”

cat shoji crash 01

▼ “…but maybe we should discuss this later.
Over a nice can of tuna, perhaps?”

cat shoji crash 02

And just in case you might think that the cat doesn’t like being stuck in the door, @harapeko_lady claims that they tried to remove the cat from its uncomfortable position, only for the cat to protest and stay.

It likes being halfway between rooms so much, they even found the cat in the same position later:

▼ “What? The rigid wood and annoying
paper is just really comfy, okay?”

▼ “Hey! I can see what you’re doing there, human.
You’d better not post these online!”

And after all that, it looks like the cat was back it again the very next day! Time time, it went for the high ground though…




Here’s what Japanese Twitter users had to say about this cat-astrophe:

“The cat’s face is all like ‘…what’s wrong?'”
“Hey, looks like your shoji inspector says you need new shoji.”
“I like how the cat’s looking right at the camera.”
“It looks like the cat’s saying: ‘It wasn’t me! I was framed!'”
“How did this happen? I am cat!”

Hey there, cat. Don’t worry. Things could be worse. At least jumping through the shoji didn’t shave off all your hair in the process.

Source/images: Twitter/@harapeko_lady