If all you’ve got is arms and legs, you’re not maximizing your snuggling options.

If you’re a cat lover, when you come across a snoozing kitty you might be overcome with the urge to give it a few pats on its soft, fluffy tummy. Of course, it stands to reason that cats themselves are also affectionate towards other felines, and as proof here’s a video from Japanese Twitter user @kokonananya.

@kokonananya shares her home with a number of cats, and one of the younger ones is Saba, the gray kitty seen snoozing peacefully on its back in the video. Lying next to Saba is the older Mussan, who apparently has a strong maternal instinct, as shown by this lovingly protective gesture.


Like a parent comforting a sleeping child, Mussan not only lays a paw on the sleeping Saba’s chest, but also provides several soothing pats with her tail.

“Shh, shh…it’s OK, Saba. Go back to dreaming about fish.”

So really, if you’re after the ultimate pet power nap, you’ll need two animal companions: one for you to snuggle, and one to snuggle you.

Source: IT Media, Twitter/@kokonananya