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Cover up damage left by your kitty with these tiny feline decorations!

Cat-loving online retailer Felissimo is back again with another product designed to make our lives easier while looking absolutely adorable at the same time. This time the company is attending to the annoying issue of damaged screen doors that many cat owners have to put up with, as curious kitties scale the mesh with their claws to get a better view of their territory outside, or to let their humans know when they’ve come home.


Felissimo has come up with a pretty sheet of patches in feline and butterfly “shadow” shapes, to repair the damage done to screens by curious cats. The different shapes and sizes allow coverage for different-sized holes.


The clever design makes the product incredibly easy to use. Simply press the item on the affected area, and the tiny mushroom-shaped knobs on the underside will pop securely into the mesh, keeping the patch in place.
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▼ The designs are functional, cute, and they make pretty shadows in the sunlight too!


Four-packs retails for 959 yen (US9.30) and are available for worldwide delivery via the Felissimo online store. As always, a portion of the sale price goes to the Felissimo cat fund, which works to care for animals without owners and provide assistance to foster pet programs.


Source: ITMedia
Images: Felissimo (edited by RocketNews24)