“Don’t mind if you touch,” invites the perky trio.

When communicating, it’s always important to watch out for words that can be interpreted in more than one way. For example, if you say someone or something is “cute,” is that cute like a fluffy dog, or cute like an idol singer?

However, if you’re talking about newly formed idol group Mofu Mofu Dogs, there’s no need to fine-tune your word selection, because both versions of “cute” are applicable.

Well, maybe “cute” isn’t the description most people would go with. See, ordinarily, if someone told us there was an idol unit made up of Akita-inu breed dogs, we’d expect either some adorable anime-style illustrations, or maybe some pooches wearing little dog-sized idol costumes. But nope, in the video for their debut number, “Waiting4U~We’ll Make You Mofu Mofu” (which is sung entirely in barking with English subtitles provided), we can see that the Mofu Mofu Dogs have the heads of actual Akita-inu, and the bodies of human idol singers.


For those curious, the video defines mofu mofu as “a state of fluffy softness and warmth, like the fur of an Akita dog. This state is so strong that people find themselves wanting to touch the fur.”

▼ That helps explain lines like this.


▼ This one, though, seems to be just part of the time-honored tradition of mildly suggestive idol song lyrics.


If you’re wondering who would go to the trouble of making a dog idol trio, the group is the brainchild of Akita Inu Tourism, a group hoping to promote travel to the towns of Odate, Kita Akita, Kosakamachi, and Kamikoanimura, all located in northern Akita Prefecture. That’s why you’ll also see nods to Akita’s history and cuisine throughout the video, such as kiritanpo hot pot and mochi sticks.

▼ The Akita-inu is descended from hunting dogs, and these riflemen are here to honor that legacy, not put the idol down.


▼ A behind-the-scenes look at how the music video was created

It’s unclear whether or not the Mofu Mofu Dogs will be releasing more songs in the future, but even if they end up as a one-and-done group, at least we’ll always have “Waiting4U~We’ll Make You Mofu Mofu” to remember them by.

Source: IT Media
Images: YouTube/Akita inu Tourism