Either this cat doesn’t like children or it has a very sadistic sense of humour.

This is a story of a little Chinese girl and her pet cat – apparently the black-and-white kitty isn’t very fond of its baby human. You can see in this short video how the cat reacts when the little girl walks past:

The little Chinese girl, who appears to be around 1 or 2 years old, is just minding her own business going for a lovely stroll in the kitchen. She’s careful to avoid stepping on her pet cat and veers around it to the left.

Then there is kitty, who hears something coming its way and swiftly turns its head to see what it is. Without even thinking, kitty sticks out its right paw and grabs the poor little girl’s leg, bringing her down with a ‘thud!’. Was this an intentional trip? The jury’s still out on this one.


Perhaps the pitter-patter of steps frightened the cat. Maybe the cat suspected some tasty prey bounding towards it. Or perhaps the cat just has some kind of evil personality.

After the baby girl hits the deck, she cleverly picks out the culprit by pointing back at the cat.

▼ “It was you!”


To which the cat gives off a meow as if to say, “Yeah, it was me, what are you gonna do about it?”

There were some mixed emotions expressed about this video online:

“Like people, some cats are just jerks.”
“The cat was like, ‘oh, I’m so sorry.’”
“I think the cat did it by accident; he wasn’t looking behind him and suddenly he heard footsteps – so he stretch (sic) his leg on instinct?”
“The cat was like, ‘screw you, you show off’, since it can’t walk with two legs.”
“That cat is a LEGEND!”

So what’s your gut feeling? Do you think the cat tripped over the little girl on purpose? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source, images: YouTube/AlreadyUp