Three classic Yu-Gi-Oh spells gain a new effect: drying you off after a shower.

If you’re a serious fan of collectible card games, odds are you do all you can to keep your cards in pristine condition. Not only do cards that are visibly damaged give your opponents the potential to predict what card you’re holding or drawing even when all they can see is the back, damaged cards are also worth less should you decide to sell them down the line.

So for Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiasts, a card getting creased, torn, or wet is cause for despair. In the case of that last one, though, it’s all right if it happens to be one of the awesome new Yu-Gi-Oh bath towels appearing soon in Japan.

Created by anime merchandiser eStream, three classic Yu-Gi-Oh spell cards serve as the motifs for the towels, starting with Raigeki. In Japanese, the word raigeki means “lightning strike,” but the Japanese-market version of the card is actually called Sandaa Boruto, the Japanese corrupted pronunciation of the English “thunderbolt.”

Also part of the lineup is Monster Reborn, although it might look a little different than what overseas fans are used to. In Japan, the card has a picture of a blue ankh, but as part of publisher Konami’s efforts to scrub religious imagery from the franchise overseas, the ankh was replaced by a fantasy artifact with no connection to any real-world faiths.

▼ The overseas Monster Reborn

And last, there’s Polymerization, the card which in Japan is called Yugo, which means “fusion” and can denote mergers of both the molecular and figurative senses.

The 118-centimeter (46-inch) towels aren’t just being given out to anyone who walks into a store with a fistful of yen, however. Instead, they’re going to be prize items at Namco arcades in Japan, waiting to be won at UFO catchers/crane games and other machines that test players’ skill and luck, starting in mid-June. They’re sure to put a smile on winners’ faces, and if this helps promote better hygiene among trading card shop customers, all the better.

Source, images: PR Times
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