This is one of the most hypnotizing covers we’ve seen yet.

As PPAP (“Pen Pinapple Apple Pen”) continues to rise in global popularity, so do PPAP covers. They come in all shades, from acoustic to heavy metal, to late night comedy, and now to a cover created in a more Indian style.

youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPFJGIXXeq0

This cover of PPAP, directed and choreographed by Awez Darbar, features an original arrangement, vocals, and slightly ridiculous (yet somehow stylish) costumes. The sunglasses, the scarf tied stylishly around the waist, the single striped sonk, and even the single shoe – all of it is so carefully coordinated, yet chaotic.

The contrast between the ordinary living room setting and the dancers’ killer moves is also worth mentioning. Even the open umbrellas add a unique touch.

▼ We’re still trying to figure out why they’re dancing in the middle of a circle made of flip-flops, though.


Along with the three talented dancers, you can also see a child in a white shirt freestyling for most of the video. He even gets a little creative by picking up and spinning the hat thrown down by one of the main dancers. He’s also the only dancer that is wearing, well, normal clothing.

▼ There he goes, stealing the spotlight.


One of the only disappointing aspects of this cover? While there is indeed an apple and a pen, there is no pineapple.

▼ I have a…not-pineapple.


We’ll forgive the group this time, though. Uou probably didn’t even notice it the first time around since you were no doubt as entranced by their choreography as we were.

What other PPAP covers have captured your attention?

Source, images: YouTube/Awez Darbar
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