One other Sega franchise will join Sonic on the special train, which will be in service in Tokyo for one month.

There’s quite a bit of Sega nostalgia going around these days. Not only is the venerable video game company’s Mega Drive (known as the Genesis in North America) officially back in production, Sega is also celebrating milestones for two of its most iconic intellectual properties: platforming legend Sonic the Hedgehog and competitive puzzle hit Puyo Puyo, which are both marking their 25th anniversaries this year.

In recognition of the two franchises, Sega is teaming up with Tokyo-area train operator Keikyu to make fans’ rail travels a little more special. It just so happens that Keikyu’s 2100-series Blue Sky train, ostensibly so-named because it runs on the Keikyu Airport Line which connect downtown Tokyo with Haneda Airport, is painted a vibrant, Sonic-like shade of blue.


Starting next week, select 2100-series trains will be wrapped with graphics featuring Sonic, chipper sidekick Tails, and brooding rival Knuckles. Joining them will be Puyo Puyo’s adorable Carbuncle (also known as Car-kun) and a collection of the game’s expressive stacking blobs.

▼ By showing up on the train, Tails really proves that he’s a team player, seeing as how he actually has the ability to fly wherever he wants to go.


In addition, signs at the Airport Line’s Otorii Station, the closest stop to the site of Sega’s original office (and current home of the company’s development division), will bear special emblems honoring the games.


Sega is also offering prizes to Twitter users who share their snapshots of the train along with the hashtag #京急セガトレインキャンペーン (“Keikyu Sega Train Campaign”). The exact items you can win are unspecified, but the company has said that it will be giving away free games as part of the promotion.

The Sega Train goes into service November 14, and its last run it scheduled for December 17.

Source: Keikyu via IT Media
Images: Keikyu (edited by RocketNews24)

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