Pikachu is ready to help you ring in the new year with 24 auspicious dishes served inside a giant Poké Ball!

At New Year’s, Japan has a custom of eating osechi, a collection of dishes each bearing some sort of auspicious significance. Traditionally, the osechi meals were cooked by the women of the household, but in busy, modern Japan, more and more families are buying ready-made osechi which comes to their door via cold delivery service.

Not only does purchasing your osechi give you more time to relax during the holiday season, it also means you can enjoy themed offerings like this awesome Pokémon osechi!

Conventional osechi is served in ornate stacking trays, but this version, prepared by Kyoto-based osechi maker Kyosaimi Nomura, comes inside of a giant two-tier Poké Ball which measures 18.9 centimeters (7.4 inches) in diameter.


The top portion contains adorable daifuku sweet dumplings decorated with franchise mascot Pikachu’s smiling face as well as:
● Matcha green tea roll cake
● Star-shaped pineapple chunks
● Cheese-wrapped kamaboko fish cakes
● Tamagoyaki omelets
● Hamburger steaks
● Crab claws
● Chestnut sweet potatoes
● Bacon-wrapped cheese sticks
● Carrot and pickle salad
● Salmon roe
● Candied peaches
● Sakura-shaped daikon radish chunks

In the bottom tier, you’ll find:


● Kamaboko fish cakes
● Datemaki sweet omelet rolls
● Grilled burdock root
● Shrimp
● Kelp rolls
● Herring roe
● Kumquat compote
● Dried sardines
● Kuromame sweet black beans
● Dango dumplings
● Mini daifuku sweet dumplings

▼ Chopstick wrappers and napkins featuring Pikachu dressed in a formal kimono are also part of the package.


The collected dishes are meant to feed two to three people, so you can share the osechi with some Pokémon-loving friends or relatives. Orders can be placed here for the set, which is priced at 10,584 yen (US$103), with December 28, 29, and 30 the selectable delivery dates.

Source: IT Media
Images: Kyosaimi Nomura (edited by RocketNews24)

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