How come Japanese people are buying up these masks faster than cheap real estate?

The recent U.S. election has already had, and will continue to have effects all over the world. But one sector that no one expected has had one of the biggest effects of them all: sales of rubber Donald Trump masks in Japan.

▼ “You’re fired desu!”


Ogawa Studios, the creator of the popular Trump mask, is one of the most popular manufacturers of rubber masks in Japan. They have everything from politicians to monsters to celebrities all available to wear via their special brand of not-quite-right-and-therefore-creepy rubber masks.

▼ There’s nothing odd at all about this
“Beautiful White Skin Nice Guy” mask!

But ever since Donald Trump’s recent victory in the U.S. election, sales of his mask have skyrocketed. Ogawa Studios sold out of the masks within a day, and has since put further sales on hold for fear that they wouldn’t be able to fulfill incoming orders.

The masks will be back up soon, with Ogawa Studio planning on producing more than ever before, but what caused the rush on people buying them? This is Japan, after all – what do Japanese people want with hundreds of masks of Donald Trump?

Japanese netizens offered up some of their theories:

“These masks are perfect for end of the year parties with co-workers, or to give as a Christmas gift.”
“Maybe Japan is getting ready for its own Trump-like revolution?”
“I mean, if you’re going to buy a mask of somebody, then you want it to be someone important. And right now there’s no one more important in the world.”

All valid points, though I hope the end of the year party preparation one is correct. Like most parties with coworkers in Japan, end of the year parties held in late November to late December are more or less just an excuse to get drunk.

▼ A typical sight at a typical end of the year party.


But this year, if the end of the year party attire of choice isn’t ties wrapped around heads, but instead Donald Trump masks, we might have a lot of restaurants and pubs that end up looking like this:

▼ The printed-out American flags really give it that authentic touch.

So who do you think makes for the better Donald Trump, those guys in masks, or Mr. Sato when he got his Donald Trump makeover? We’ll leave it to you, the people, to make the right choice.

Source: Nikkan Sports News via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Ogawa Studios (edited by Rocketnews24)
Insert images: Ogawa Studios