Also, Piko Taro really wants us to know that he’s “fire.”

Given the worldwide popularity of Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen,” you might think musician Piko Taro’s work ethic has dimmed now that he’s achieved popular success. But even after more than 90 million YouTube views, Piko Taro is staying hungry (and poor), throwing competing musicians off their game with inadvertent psychological attacks and putting together tracks for his first full album.

That album won’t go on sale until next month, but Piko Taro has already released the music video for one of the songs to be included. Titled “Futamojime Mistake” (officially rendered in English as “Mistake a Second Letter”), it opens with the singer posing seductively and flashing bedroom eyes, before descending into barking madness.



The song is structured with Piko Taro calling out two-syllable Japanese words, changing the second syllable until he arrives at the term he wants. Unlike “PPAP,” most of the lyrics are in Japanese, although you won’t need any proficiency in the language to bark like a dog or shout “I’m fire!” at the appropriate parts.


If you’re interested in singing along in Japanese, the lyrics (with translations directly below) are:

Ama…no no no
(Buddhist nun…no no no)
Ami…no no no
(Net…no no no)
Amu…no no no
(Knit…no no no)
Ame — sou!
(Rain – yes!)
Ame ga furu! Ame ga furu! Ame ga furu!
(It’s gonna rain! It’s gonna rain! It’s gonna rain!)

Ina…no no no
(Rice…no no no)
Ini…no no no
(Going…no no no)
Inu – sou!
(Dog – yes!)
Inu ga naku! Inu ga naku! Inu ga naku!
(The dog is gonna bark! The dog is gonna bark! The dog is gonna bark!)

I’m fire!!
I’m fire!!
I’m fire!!

The complete track list for Piko Taro’s album, which drops on December 7, is yet to be announced, but whatever songs are included, you can be sure there’s plenty of craziness involved.

Source, images: YouTube/公式ピコ太郎歌唱ビデオチャンネル -PIKOTARO OFFICIAL CHANNEL-
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