The hilarious singer now wants to tell us about some of the other amazing things he has in his hands.

Kosaka Daimaou’s singing, dancing, leopard-print loving alter-ego Piko Taro refuses to go away quietly, with a new Axel F mashup video, an appearance on Japanese Sesame Street, and a photograph with Sting being the star’s most recent achievements. His catchy, Guinness World Record-winning tune, “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” has spread around the world, and in Japan it still has legs on which to run, with Piko Taro now performing the hit with some bizarre adjustments.

For Weekly The Television magazine, “PPAP” has now become “PLLP”. What does the new acronym stand for? Take a look at the clip below to find out!

That song goes against everything PPAP logic has ever taught us! Sure, there’s a Lemon-Pen, and strangely enough, another Lemon-Pen.


▼ Mashing each component together causes Piko to get some of the imaginary citrus in his eye…


But since when does Lemon-Pen + Lemon-Pen = The Television? With the magazine’s The Television logo on the top left in Japanese, it appears that the lyrics to “PPAP” are fully negotiable when there’s advertising involved!


Piko Taro previously mentioned in a Japanese interview that he hasn’t earnt a single yen from the original song, so we can’t blame him for getting out there and singing for his supper. In another new version of PPAP, the star appears in a clip for candy manufacturer UHA Mikakuto. This “UHA M牛牛S version” uses the words gyunyu, niunai, and susu, which means milk in Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian respectively, in order to highlight the candy’s main dairy ingredient.

In a more glamorous commercial, the singer increases his bank balance by getting down with Nogizaka46 members who are also Can Cam models, to promote the January issue of Japanese magazine Can Cam in the “Can Cam Campaign”.

One of the most likely reasons for these videos to be appearing online now is the fact that Piko Taro’s new album was released on 7 December. It was an event that was much-talked about in the Japanese media, with another weird version of the song appearing on local television programmes, which the singer described as an “answer song” to the original “PPAP”.

In this one, Piko Taro has a bin (bottle), a kanabun (drone beetle), and an ebi (prawn). The lyrics are even crazier than the original fruit-and-stationery themed hit:

“I have a bottle, I have a beetle – ugh – beetle in bottle / I have a bottle, I have a prawn – ugh – prawn in bottle / Beetle in bottle, prawn in bottle / Ugh Beetle buzzed (away) but the prawn’s in the bottle / Beetle in bottle … Again!”

With so many new Piko Taro releases a couple of weeks away from Christmas, we don’t doubt that the cheeky star is still hiding a few surprises up his shiny sleeve. We can’t wait for him to show us what other things he’ll hold in his hands!

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