Who knew the Song Dynasty was familiar with social media trends!

If you’ve been living in a sheltered corner of the Internet recently, then you probably haven’t heard about a recent wave of videos featuring people standing perfectly still. The mannequin challenge features participants striking a pose as a camera weaves in, around and through the scene. The most interesting videos have really unique situations and lots of people taking part. The trend has attracted a lot of famous celebrities and the set of Chinese historical TV drama Oh My General definitely didn’t want to miss out.

Set during the Song Dynasty, this currently airing drama tells the story of a woman who disguises herself as a man in order to become a top general in the army. Unfortunately for her, she is unmasked as a female and forced to marry into the Imperial family. Despite the potential seriousness of the story, it sure looks like they have a lot of fun on the set as their entire cast and crew participate in the mannequin challenge.

▼ Caught eating mid-mannequin


▼ Great storefront display? Or the greatest storefront display?


▼ When the General says freeze, you freeze!


While there have been some pretty amazing mannequin challenges videos out there, we definitely love this one because of how many people they got to participate, most of whom are dressed in wardrobe! Sure it wasn’t “two elderly kendo duelers facing off”, but you have to hand it to the cast and crew of Oh My General, because anyone in show business will tell you, the more time you are on set, the more expensive the shoot gets!

Source: Yomyomf
Images: Facebook/Shanghaiist