The Maximum Cho One-Pound Beef Burger challenge wants you to make the absolute most of your appetite.

The whole point of a two-patty hamburger is to give you the joy of eating two burgers in the amount of time it would ordinarily take to eat one. But why limit yourself to such a modest multiplication of dining decadence, asks Burger King Japan?

Next month the chain is rolling out its newest menu item, the Maximum Cho One-Pound Beef Burger (cho being the Japanese word for “super”), with four beef patties that actually weigh more than a pound, as their collective pre-cooked mass is 499 grams (1.1 pounds). But if even that quadruple-class burger isn’t enough for you, for four days in July Burger King Japan is offering all-you-can-eat Maximum Cho One-Pound Beef Burger, in an event dubbed the Cho One-Pound Beef Burger Challenge.

▼ It’s kind of ironic that the all-you-can-eat event drops the “Maximum” part of the burger’s name, since there’s nothing at all minimalistic about the sandwich itself.

The promotion gives you 45 minutes to eat as many of the monstrous hamburgers as you can…oh, sorry, that really should be monstrous cheeseburgers, as the list of toppings, fillings, and fixings consists of:

● Four all-beef patties
● Four slices of cheddar cheese (double-layered in two sections of the burger)
● Four strips of smokey bacon
● Lettuce
● Onions
● Tomato
● Pickles
● Mayonnaise
● Salt and pepper
● Sesame buns

Upon starting your meal/gorging, you’re given a set of a Maximum Cho One-Pound Beef Burger, medium order of French fries, and medium drink. Once you’ve finished all of those, you can then have as many refills of each as you want, with your last chance for refills coming 30 minutes after you start. We suppose that means you could finish your burger and then spend the rest of your time refilling your fries or soft drink if you want, but the real appeal here, of course, are the unlimited burger privileges.

Participating in the Cho One-Pound Beef Burger Challenge costs 2,900 yen (US$21.60), a slight premium over the normal cost, 2,400 yen, of a Maximum Cho One-Pound Beef Burger fries/drink set or the 2,100 yen for the sandwich alone. Of course, the more burgers you eat, the more you save, and all participants also get a commemorative Cho One-Pound Beef Burger Challenge T-shirt, which Burger King thoughtfully provides in a one-size-fits-all size, perhaps because it’s hard to tell how big you’ll be on the other side of an all-you-can-eat quadruple cheeseburger session.

▼ It’s the kind of fashion statement that says “I love hamburgers!” and also “You probably don’t want to offer to buy lunch for me.”

The Cho One-Pound Beef Burger Challenge will be held at six Burger King Japan branches: Roppongi and Machida Jorna in Tokyo, Kawasaki Zero Gate in Kanagawa, Funabashi in Chiba, Omiya Nishiguchi in Saitama, and Funaba Minamikyuhoji in Osaka. Each branch will hold its challenges on July 9, 10, 16, and 17, with seatings at 2, 3:30, 5, and 6:30 p.m. Reservations must be made in advance through Burger King Japan’s website here, since slots are limited.

Meanwhile, for everyone who thinks their modest appetite would be satisfied by a single Maximum Cho One-Pound Beef Burger, it’ll be available for regular purchase at all Burger King Japan branches between July 8 and 28 daily from 2 p.m.

Source, images: PR Times
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