Craving some carbs? Indulge in this limited-time weekday lunch special for only 800 yen (US$7) per person.

“When in Japan, stuff your face with nothing but Japanese food,” is more or less how the mantra goes. But after days of traveling and countless bowls of rice later, sometimes all you really crave is good old Italian comfort food to switch it up and actually make the rest of your trip even more enjoyable. So fear not, foreign travelers in western Japan – restaurant chain Salvatore Cuomo‘s got you covered with a 45-minute all-you-can-eat weekday lunch buffet at nine of its branches in western Japan where you can gorge to your heart’s content without breaking your wallet.

The participating branches include locations in Umeda, Shinsaibashi, Senri-Chuo, and Kyobashi (Osaka), Sannomiya and Himeji (Hyogo), Fukuyama (Hiroshima), and Matsuyama (Ehime); the latter is priced at 900 yen per person.

▼ The exterior of a typical Salvatore Cuomo restaurant, which is named after the 44-year-old Italian-Japanese celebrity chef and restaurateur of the same name.


▼ A poster advertising the lunch buffet.


The campaign began on December 1 and currently has no known end-date, though promotional ads claim that it’s a limited-time offer only. The regular lunch buffet lasts 90 minutes and costs 980 yen (plus 200 yen for the drink bar), while the limited-time “quick buffet” lasts 45 minutes and costs 800 yen (plus 100 yen for the drink bar).


▼ Higher prices on the regular menu illustrate that the lunch buffet is a really great deal.


Here’s a sampling of the all-you-can-eat pizza and pasta that you can chow down on during your visit:




In addition, the lunch buffet also boasts an impressive side menu, including salad, soup, meats, and even springy zeppole, which are deep-fried dough fritters mixed with seaweed in this case.




▼ Yes, that is indeed a chocolate fountain.


Our Japanese language reporter K. Masami was assigned the enviable task of trying out the lunch buffet, all in the name of reporting. She would have given it two thumbs up if she weren’t too busy eating…


▼ We’re just driving the point home that this lunch deal does not cost you a yen more than 800 yen.


More details about each of the participating locations can be found at Salvatore Cuomo’s website (English text is available). So don’t pass up this chance to have a most satisfying lunch for only a handful of Japanese coins.

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