Italian food

Starbucks Japan’s Afternoon Tea Set: So popular it sells out in minutes

Afternoon tea at Starbucks comes with a surprisingly high price tag.

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How to make self-isolation tiramisu with simple ingredients【SoraKitchen】

Enjoy an Italian restaurant experience at home with this easy recipe! 

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We try traditional Italian fried pizza pockets in Tokyo, fall in love

Pizza + deep fryer = love?

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We try out the fifth most popular restaurant among foreigners in Japan: Italian restaurant Nino

Our Japanese-language reporter hadn’t heard of this restaurant, and since it was voted as a top restaurant, she had to check it out.

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Salvatore Cuomo restaurants are offering an all-you-can-eat pizza & pasta lunch buffet for cheap

Craving some carbs? Indulge in this limited-time weekday lunch special for only 800 yen (US$7) per person.

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Watch Kanto’s Strongest Italian Chef transform McDonald’s into fine cuisine!【Recipe】

Chef Yuji Ota shows us how to turn McDonald’s food into Ribollita, Carrozza, and Gattò di Patate with three easy recipes.

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Japanese pizza isn’t always weird: Deep-fried pizza enters the ring and it’s delicious

Japan is known for a lot of things, such as its culture, its safety, and its traditional foods, but it is definitely not known for making delicious pizza. In fact, some of the pizza chains have come out with some really wacky creations over the years.

However, there are quite a few independent pizza places throughout Japan, which can, of course, be found in the cities, but sometimes can even be found in small towns or along mountain roads, yet they will still often be equipped with special pizza ovens. If you want good pizza in Japan, you should search for these places, it will be well worth the trouble!

One such independent place is Amici in Ibaraki Prefecture, where they serve pizza and the lesser known Italian pie, the pizza fritta, or deep-fried pizza. Our reporter visited Amici, but not just to try the delicious fried pizza pockets, he went to experience the cooking process too!

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