We find one simple ingredient that makes bland carbonara totally delicious 【SoraKitchen】

The best part is that it’s not hard to find, and you only need a dash of it!

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Starbucks Japan is a great place to go for…lasagna?!?【Taste test】

Only a handful of Tokyo branches serve it, but it’s worth tracking down, especially if you pair it with a special kind of green tea.

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One minute is all you need to make this popular instant noodle meal from Okayama【SoraKitchen】

Part spaghetti, part Asian noodle, all deliciousness…you’ll want to get your hands on some…if you can find them!

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7-Eleven store resorts to cute illustration and heartfelt message to help sell excess pasta

Honesty, sincerity, and a bit of creativity can go a long way in solving mistakes.

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Japan’s knife-crafting master is back with razor-sharp blades made from…pasta?!?【Video】

Cutlery that you can use to make, and be, your dinner.

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Tokyo restaurant’s mega pasta is so huge they’ll pay you US$455 if you can eat it all by yourself

If you’re hungry and quick enough, this eating challenge in Tokyo’s liveliest student neighborhood can make a tidy profit.

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Tokyo’s craziest pasta: Our custom-made spaghetti with all the toppings we can get for 10,000 yen

We looked at this Shibuya restaurant’s 2.3-kilogram (5.1-pound) spaghetti serving and said, “Naw, that’s not enough.”

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Quite possibly the greatest food bargain in Japan: tasty convenience store pasta for less than a buck

This chain’s 100-yen pasta and noodle dishes are just the thing when you’re looking to stretch your budget.

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Salvatore Cuomo restaurants are offering an all-you-can-eat pizza & pasta lunch buffet for cheap

Craving some carbs? Indulge in this limited-time weekday lunch special for only 800 yen (US$7) per person.

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Sakura season comes to the kitchen with cherry blossom-shaped pasta

Spruce up your spaghetti, sakura-style.

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Japan’s trendy eringi mushroom pasta recipe: As eye-catching as it is labor-intensive 【Photos】

The recipe calls for meticulously sticking dry noodles into numerous mushroom stalks. Uppercutting the entire dish into the atmosphere out of sheer frustration at the difficulty of that step is, we presume, optional.

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Craving ramen, but can’t find decent noodles? Transform your spaghetti with this pasta hack!

For those living outside Japan, a good bowl of ramen is almost impossible to find unless you’re in a big city like New York or London, and even then the options can be a bit of a let-down. And for many, the only ramen available is the dried variety that frankly has made some of our Japanese culinary experts gag.

But all is not lost, dear ramen lovers around the world. We’ve found a kitchen hack to turn ordinary everyday pasta into noodles fit for a delicious bowl of homemade ramen.

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Third time’s the charm – Lotteria’s noodle burger series strikes again

We don’t know why people always make the same mistakes, and history always repeats itself. In this case we are talking about Lotteria, one of Japan’s largest fast food chains. In the past, it had once made the mistake of selling a ramen burger that sandwiched droopy ramen between buns. It wasn’t well received. And then they brought to us a tsukemen burger, which also didn’t do well. We thought they’d have learned their lesson, but no! Much to our dismay, starting on September 8, they started selling a neapolitan spaghetti burger. We’re not quite sure why they are so insistent on putting noodles between buns, but we do know that the new noodle burgers aren’t impressing diners in Japan.

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Blown all your cash on anime? New restaurant in Akihabara has pasta for less than two bucks

With the highest concentration of anime and video game specialty stores on the planet, it’s pretty easy to go over-budget spending a day in Akihabara. But while some otaku might claim that Japanese animation is their lifeblood, eventually everyone needs to eat something.

So for everyone with a crying wallet and a grumbling stomach, a new restaurant has just arrived in the neighborhood, serving pasta to-go, starting at just 190 yen (US$1.88).

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Be careful how you talk about “spaghetti” in Japanese — you may sound unhip

Although Italian in origin, the words pasta and spaghetti are now everyday words in English. Thanks to the foods’ proliferation around the world these words can also be found in Japanese, pronounced pasuta and supagettī respectively.

But in recent years, it seems as if the word “spaghetti” has been falling out of favor in Japan, being replaced by the word “pasta.” Although in English the distinction between “spaghetti” and “pasta” is pretty clear (pasta being the foodstuff, spaghetti one of its many varieties), it seems there is a whole other world of nuances when the words cross over into Japanese.

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Noodle maker does everything you can’t: make noodles!

The other day we brought you news about Brazilian style cup noodles and as the saying goes, you eat with your eyes before your mouth and we’re sure many of you became suddenly hungry after looking at the picture. Even though you knew it was Cup Noodle, that didn’t stop you from salivating at the words “BBQ” and “Brazilian spices”. Seeing instant ramen undoubtedly brings the thoughts of, “I wonder if I could make my own ramen noodles myself, instead of whatever is in this Styrofoam cup.” Starting from July, you can and this new product from Waganse is just as easy as “making” a Cup Noodle and probably a whole lot healthier too.

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Pasta-flavored popsicle with tomato gelatin coming soon to Japan

Gari-Gari Kun, arguably the best popsicle on the face of the earth, is no stranger to strange. The shaved ice-filled frozen treat from Japan has been served in a variety of weird flavors ranging from potato stew to Ultraman. Of course, Gari-Gari Kun also comes in more conventional flavors like kiwi and cola, but Akagi, makers of this fine dessert, never cease to provide wild new versions for those tired of normal. Just take a look at the company’s latest Gari-Gari Kun, which takes a cue from a savory italian dish: spaghetti napolitana.

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How to easily turn your dry pasta into “fresh” noodles

Pasta, for many of us, is the miracle food. Boil, strain, add sauce, and just like that you have a delicious dish! It’s cheap, easy, and quick–the perfect food for everyone from starving students to busy professionals. It’s even moderately healthy, as long as you choose the right sauces.

On the other hand, it’s so easy and cheap that some of us tend to eat it often enough for it to get a bit boring. If you’re starting to get tired of your dry pasta dishes, why not try using some “fresh” noodles?

If you’re thinking that making noodles by hand sounds like a lot of work, well, we’re sure you’re probably right–but our colleagues at RocketNews24 Japan have a trick that will basically revert your dry pasta back to its “fresh pasta” state!

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Boiling Spaghetti with Salt Shown to Do No Good for It

I freaking knew it!

Spaghetti and other pasta recipes have repeatedly asked us to “boil with salt” – a rule that has always baffled me. Once, early on in my cooking life, I decided to be a good boy and add the salt as requested only to find that it didn’t make a lick of difference to the end result. I haven’t looked back since.

In an interview with website, President Online, Tokyo Kasei University Graduate School of Home Economics, Keiko Nagao, puts this myth of boiling with salt to rest once and for all, thus saving us from a needless cooking step. Read More

Japanese Convenience Store Pasta Getting Tastier, Sets Guinness World Record

Has anyone living in Japan noticed an upgrade in quality of convenience store food lately? 

One of our Japanese reporters frequents his local convenience stores twice daily and, as an avid fan of their food, tells us that he has been pleasantly surprised by the recent rise in quality of convenience store food.

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