We would gladly take more of this Gladiolus cosplay!

They say the best things are worth waiting for, and that seems to be the case with the finally released video game Final Fantasy XV. It took 10 long years for this game to go from sidekick game to stand alone series, and artists and cosplayers alike are already showing their appreciation for the long-awaited installment in the fantasy series, though one cosplayer might be the king of them all.

▼ Metaphorically speaking of course since Noctis is actually royalty.

Cosplayer Leon Chiro has been working his costuming magic in Europe for a number of years, but his rendition of Gladiolus, brother-like-friend of Noctis, has been deservedly applauded due to his uncanny representation of the character.

▼ Rippling muscles, not a result of makeup.

▼ Very solid reproduction of the character.

▼ It’s getting hot in here, so time for a steamy photoshoot!

▼ Yeah, this work probably deserves a fist bump.

From the clothing to the general look, all the elements of Gladiolus are beautifully crafted. You can see the same level of detailed work in Leon’s other cosplay projects which include characters from Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and other Final Fantasy installments.

▼ Snow from Final Fantasy XIII.

▼ Leon from Resident Evil.

▼ Dante from Devil May Cry 3.

Leon Chiro has been asked to use his costume in a promotional video project that will celebrate the release of the first downloadable story content for Final Fantasy VX called Gladio. With that in mind, there are bound to be more photoshoots and appearances at events where he will don his Gladiolus skin, so be sure to check his Facebook page with the most up-to-date information.

Now if we could just convince Square Enix to have Leon star in the upcoming Final Fantasy XV anime series and movie….

Source, images: Facebook/Leon Chiro Cosplay Art