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It’s hard to say which game is more highly anticipated, Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts 3, but with both of them tentatively scheduled for a 2016 release date, we just might find out. Or not…because a recent tweet about the latest Final Fantasy game is causing us to believe that a 2016 release date could be a pipe dream. Although there has been no delay announced, if the date is pushed back it might be in part due to the rocky situation they are in: they need more rocks!

You can find out all about what the Final Fantasy XV team is up to by following their progress on their official Twitter account. Recently, they have been scouring the country for the best and brightest rocks to put into their fictional world. It seems the team is slowly adding scenery into the game one brilliant rock at a time. Only the rockiest ones will do and they need your help!

When Final Fantasy calls for your help, the only responsible thing to do is to find a picture of your favorite rock and send it in.

▼ Tastsukushi in Kochi Prefecture

▼ On Hamahiga Island in Okinawa

▼ Hato no Sukeikoku in Okutama, Tokyo

The design team made sure to let everyone know how much they appreciated the effort.

We have to admit that the fans delivered some truly stunning rocks from breathtaking places around the world, but as much as pictures of rocks excite us, we’d like to enjoy the game too, so any day now, Square Enix!

Source: My Game News Flash
Top Image: Final Fantasy Wiki (edited by RocketNews24)