Development of the much-anticipated title is progressing smoothly, or is it really?

Video game giant Square Enix shocked the world with a nostalgic trailer of a Final Fantasy VII remake, fulfilling fans’ desires to revive one of the most iconic RPG games ever made.

Now, almost three years after the reveal, the company has put up an ad looking for a talented battle planner and a level planner to join their team, two vital roles that should probably have been filled early during development.

▼ What on earth is going on?

According to the recruitment website, the battle planner will be in charge of establishing a robust combat system, designing enemies and bosses, as well as creating a leveling system dictating players’ growth and parameters throughout the game.

The level planner is in charge of constructing workflows for locations and coming up with various level layouts using the game design tool, Unreal Engine 4.

▼ Wait, so the combat sequence we saw
in the awesome trailer wasn’t the real thing?

▼ You have to admit, it does bear a striking resemblance to
Final Fantasy XV’s real-time combat system that was released a year later.

So what we saw in the trailer could very well be a battle engine borrowed from early Final Fantasy XV as a placeholder for the E3 2015 reveal, with models of Cloud and Barrett slapped on.

Square Enix has remained tight-lipped on the title’s progress, but what’s worrying is that recruitment of such core members has been underway since last month, indicating that they’re either truly looking for the cream of the crop or having trouble finding suitable game designers.

Judging by the look of things, it seems unlikely that Square Enix will have much Final Fantasy VII-related stuff to show at this year’s E3, with fans having to wait a few more years before they can see main protagonist Cloud Strife dress up as a woman again.

Source: E-career via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert image: Pakutaso, YouTube/Square Enix NA