Cosmic Stockings

The colourful galaxy comes complete with a cleverly hidden spaceman.

If you’re looking for a pair of unusual tights, Japan is the place to go. Here you can adorn your legs in catsgreen onions and even samurai swords, but for those too shy to step out in a daring pair, there’s now a more demure yet equally dazzling variety that’ll knock the socks off you and anyone else lucky enough to see them. Called the “Adult Romance Tights – Universe Inside a Skirt”, these feature a glorious image of outer space that hides your inner space from any nosy onlookers.


The beauty of these tights lies in the fact that the exposed sections look no different to a regular pair of black stockings, which means they can be worn at special occasions and sensible events without anyone knowing about your secret universe.


The deep, dark secrets of the cosmos are only revealed from the upper thigh, while some light-blue earth-like hues keep your toes grounded on planet Earth.


And for another hidden gem, there’s a spaceman exploring the universe under the left heel!


The cute stockings retail for 4,320 yen (about US$41.65) each and can be ordered online from Village Vanguard or ekoD Works. Whether you’re after some fun tights for work or a pair for cosmic cosplay, these make for a great addition to any wardrobe!


Source: Net Lab
Images: ekoD Works