Japan’s Fake Black Stockings offer sheer looks and winter-cold protection

3 Coins has something clever to get you through the next few months without feeling chilly or unfashionable.

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Indulge your foxy foot fetish with kitsune socks from Japan

Dress your feet up in fox spirit cosplay.

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Japanese schoolgirl points out an especially dumb part of her school’s “no tights” dress code

The rule is supposed to be for everybody, but it’s really only the girls who have to follow it.

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Osaka police on the lookout for guy calling himself “Tights World”

It’s the burning question on everyone’s lips: Who is Tights World?

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Decorate your legs with colorful ninja stockings that offer style over stealth!

Ninjas are known for their stealth, but there’s nothing stealthy about these eye-catching stockings

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Hide the universe under your skirt with a pair of stunning cosmic stockings

The colourful galaxy comes complete with a cleverly hidden spaceman.

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Underwater Knee High Girls appear in new exhibition celebrating soft thighs and kaiju monsters

Nobody combines classic monsters and knee-high socks like Japan.

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Look cool at the pool with these new waterproof over-knee socks

Add some major socks appeal to your swim sessions with these waterproof over-the-knee socks available from wacky goods menagerie Village Vanguard!

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Samurai sword tights are here to make your legs look extra sharp

Have historical weapons from Japan’s Sengoku period guard your legs against the cold.

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Censored cosplay tights: A new concept in keeping your undies hidden at anime conventions

Looking to keep your cosplay TV-broadcast compliant?

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Protect yourself from ghosts while staying stylish this winter with new Heart Sutra tights


Haunted by demanding ghosts but can’t afford to look like a dweeb? These tights are just what you need!

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Polish visitor’s perverted otaku party goes viral on Twitter

“Why did you come to Japan?”

It’s a simple question, and if you spend enough time here, you’re sure to be asked it countless times by Japanese people. In fact, Japan has a whole television show dedicated to asking foreigners this very question, called YOU wa Nani shi ni Nippon e?

For those of us who came for to learn a specific trade or study the language, or who are married to a Japanese spouse and/or have family in Japan, it usually isn’t a hard question to answer honestly. However, for those foreigners that were drawn to Japan’s shores through things like anime or manga, cosplay, robots, or schoolgirls, it can be a question that’s difficult to come up with a socially acceptable answer to.

Still, not all foreigners are ashamed of coming clean about some of the strange hobbies that brought them here, like one Polish Twitter user who is proud to be living out his some of his wildest dreams in good ol’ Nihon. After arriving in Japan, he was presented with the chance to act out one of his many perverted fantasies, leaving otaku on Twitter both amused and green with envy.
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12 fabulous tights from Japan

Now that the summer shikke (humidity) has died down, it’s time to bust out your tights! Squeezing our legs into sheer pantaloons was the last thing any of us wanted to do in August, but now that September is nearly over and fall is right around the corner, we’re starting to like the idea of extra warmth. What better way to welcome in autumn than with a legging shopping spree? Check out these 12 fabulously crazy, colorful tights from Japanese artists and designers to add to your cool-weather wardrobe!

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Sailor Moon team is ready to keep your legs warm, nose dry with tights and tissue holders

It’s hard to find a universally hated member of the central cast of hit anime Sailor Moon. Even the titular character herself, for all her whiny and lazy tendencies, is so loyal to her friends that it’s hard not to root for her.

But while having a universally appealing ensemble cast makes for a great TV show, it puts fans in a bit of a quandary when they’re buying Sailor Moon goodies. With five principal heroines, how do you choose which one’s merchandise to buy?

Easy: you don’t, and instead grab a pouch or pair of leggings that features all five of the main Sailor Scouts.

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Say it isn’t so! Illustrator spills the beans on how women really put on their tights

Women around the world may know them as tights, stockings or pantyhose, but most men think of them simply as those things that make girls’ legs look even more awesome. There have been numerous stocking trends over the years, not least in Japan where thigh-highs and “tattoo” designs have been enormous hits, but one image shared via Twitter earlier this week, which purportedly shows how to put the things on, will likely ensure that men never find tights quite as sexy ever again.

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Adorn your legs with JoJo’s Bizarre tattoo tights

Female manga fans understand that there’s more to Japan’s comic industry than the schoolyard romances and shojo sparkles with which we are targeted. A lot of us really love the action, the fighting, and the hero adventure stuff too! Thankfully, there are at least a handful of manufacturers out there who understand where we’re coming from. One such company is catering to us girls with less feminine fandoms by bringing us tattoo tights from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure!

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Warp to World 8-1 with these cool Super Mario fashion tights

More than just fleshy tones, solid colors, and basic patterns, Japan has found a major fad with women’s tights that look like tattoos featuring popular Disney characters and the like. You may have seen our article earlier this month regarding the onion tights on sale at this year’s Niconico Chokaigi. Now, tights are taking an even more nerdy turn with popular anime and game references. Just take a look at these leggy designs in the works! Read More

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