The team who brought us the samurai armour hoodie is back with a brand new outfit for all the shadow warriors out there.

Earlier this year, we were blown away by a crowdfunding campaign that sought to raise money for the production of a range of awesome samurai armour hoodies. Now, U.S.-based company Tokyo Otaku Mode have announced a follow-up to the eye-catching collection with the Ninjacket, which takes its inspiration from traditional ninja warrior costumes. And it’s not just a jacket they’re offering this time – there’s a cool set of pants available too.


The Ninjacket collection has been created by Bamboo, vocalist for anime theme song band milktub, who produces apparel for the clothing brand Studio696. Along with Tokyo Otaku Mode, Bamboo and Studio696 have now launched a crowdfunding campaign for production of the new outfits, which began today on Japanese site Campfire and international site Indiegogo.


Made from a lightweight jersey material, the jacket is said to provide ease of movement for the wearer, making it easy to perform quick, agile moves. To back up the claim, Tokyo Otaku Mode released this action-packed parkour chase clip to show how the modern warrior outfits fare in some extreme environments.

We might not be as agile as the stars of the awesome clip, but we can at least feel like we’re part of a league of stealth warriors thanks to the stunning new hoodie, which comes in three colours.


The jacket includes details like attached hand coverings hidden under the sleeves, which can be pulled out and worn around the finger for moments when extra stealth – or warmth – is required.


For full-stealth mode, the neck of the hoodie can be zipped up to cover the bottom part of the face, revealing nothing but the eyes, like a true ninja warrior.


The matching ninja pants, which are made from the same jersey material as the jacket, feature a design that incorporates the idea of traditional hakama trousers worn on formal occasions and the kyahan leggings worn by ninjas.


▼ The tight-fitted cuffs help to create a billowy shape, giving the wearer a true ninja silhouette.


▼ The crowdfunding site lists all the different options for backers wanting to support the Ninjacket project.


The campaign will run until 31 January, so be sure to check out the team’s local or international crowdfunding pages for all the details on how to make a purchase and support the project. With their last campaign smashing their target goal and securing US$83,472 in funds, we’re sure the Ninjacket will have similar success!

Source: PR Times
Featured image: PR Times
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