If ninja wore sneakers, they would be rocking this limited-edition sleek pair of kicks.

We’ve seen Nike churn out exciting sneaker designs with cherry blossom motifs or yen currency prints, but another footwear giant is poised to take down the king with one of their own.

The latest limited-edition sneakers from ASICS takes inspiration from the ninja of old, combining the ancient black outfits of Japan’s covert warriors with the modern comfort of street shoes.

If you were looking for some stealth and style in your step, a pair of these would be the perfect way to showcase your inner ninja.

▼ The “KL-Shinobi” Gel Lyte III costs 17,280 yen (US$163).

Collaborating with Tokyo-based shoe store Kicks Lab, the development team at ASICS have outdone themselves this time by fusing various ninja-inspired elements into the Gel-cushioned footwear.

Excellent shock absorbers ensure that your midnight snack raid
on the fridge will always be a stealthy successful.

▼ Ninja arts incorporated into the outsole
provide wind-like swiftness.

▼ Mesh textures and alternating black and
white colors adds to the stylishness.

▼ Forgot how those ninja mystical incantations go?
Kanji idioms imprinted onto the insoles will help you remember.

▼ Customers who pre-order a pair will get a cool shoe bag too.

Pre-orders are being accepted on the Kicks Lab online store here.

The sleek KL-Shinobi will be released on 31 March, and while this limited-edition footwear is only available in Japan, it may see a worldwide release some time in the future. Along with Godzilla-themed shoes, the KL-Shinobi has got to be one of the coolest pair of kicks out there.

Source: Kicks Lab via Japaaan
Images: Kicks Lab