Cozy Shinto-style fashion for relaxing at home.

Japan always appreciates uniforms with a stylish, snappy, or cute design. As a matter of fact, the country’s love of uniform fashion runs so deep that some people find themselves wanting to put on the outfits even if they aren’t filling the roles they were originally designed for.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen multiple schoolgirl uniform-inspired roomwear options, which look like something you’d wear to class but are actually comfortable clothing for lounging about the house. But those looking for a more traditional, yet still very Japanese, roomwear set had their interest piqued last fall when a crowdfunding campaign launched for the garment seen here.


Called the Yuru Miko, this roomwear draws heavy inspiration from the clothing worn by Shinto shrine maidens, called “miko.” Originally, the designers had been seeking roughly one million yen (US$8,600), but the overwhelming support from backers filled the project’s coffers with 2.43 million yen, and the product is now being offered through novelty merchandiser Village Vanguard.


While official miko clothing consists of a robe and billowing pants, the Yuru Miko is actually a one-piece garment. Made from a sweatshirt-like cotton/polyester/polyurethane blend, it also has an adjustable elastic waist to provide a comfortable, relaxing fit.


The single-piece design also means that the wearer is in no danger of exposing herself, even if the purely decorative sash-style ribbon should happen to come undone.


The product officially goes on sale at the end of the month. However, Village Vanguard is already taking preorders, perhaps looking to capitalize on the residual effects of people in Japan having just made their customary visit to a shrine at New Year’s, and perhaps noticing the miko in their eye-catching outfits. The Yuru Miko is priced at 9,720 yen (US$84) and can be ordered here.

Source: IT Media
Images: Village Vanguard

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