Japanese designers shake things up by using male uniforms as their motif for a change.

It’s no secret that Japan has a major soft spot for school uniforms. The country’s love for the uniforms is so strong that it often serves as a motif for roomwear, kimono, swimsuits, and other novelty fashion marketed to people whose student days are behind them.

However, it’s usually girls’ uniforms, particularly the sailor suit, that inspires creative clothing. This time around, though, it’s the gakuran, a straight-collared jacket ordinarily worn by boys, that’s in the spotlight.

Offbeat retailer Village Vanguard is currently holding a crowdfunding campaign through Japanese website Campfire for the Seishun Gakuran One-Piece (seishun being the Japanese word for “youth”). The garment is being pitched to women who always wanted to try wearing a gakuran, but never got the chance.

The all-cotton dress is conservatively cut in the upper body. While it’s longer than an authentic gakuran (which men wear with pants), it doesn’t provide a whole lot of coverage for the legs. In the photos here, model Neu-chan has paired the gakuran one-piece with a black skirt, though those who feel comfortable showing more of their thighs could seemingly wear the dress by itself.

Village Vanguard is seeking 500,000 yen (US$4,500) in funding for the campaign, and plans to sell the garment in its stores should it reach that mark. Reward tiers that include a Seishun Gakuran One-Piece start at 11,000 yen, and if you’re ready to take your fashion back to school and across the gender line the crowdfunding campaign can be found here.

Source: Campfire via IT Media
Images: Campfire