The “Yuru Hakama” are here to keep you comfy and stylish at home!

Back in February, a crowdfunding project for a new line of hakama-like casual roomwear opened up, and the idea was so popular that the project reached 208 percent of its funding goal. Luckily, that means that these elegant yet bright and comfortable traditional Japanese-style pajamas are now available for purchase by anyone!

This new collection, called the “Yuru Hakama Hannari Version”, was brought to life by MOCOLLE, who previously brought us the Haikara-san Roomwear collection based on early 20th century school girl uniforms. With cheerful but elegant pattern designs and a loose comfortable fit, these one-piece garments, which cleverly combine the look of billowy hakama pants and a kimono-like top, are both comfy and stylish, so you don’t have to be embarrassed when someone unexpected comes to the door.

The sets come in four different designs for men, women, and children. The women’s designs are subdued but colorful, and very pretty. The first is a tulip pattern, with orange and red tulips on a pale yellow background, coupled with brown pants.

The look offers both a sense of youthfulness and maturity; the colorful pattern is cute, but its subdued colors remind one that the wearer is a refined woman as well as a pretty young lady.

The second women’s pattern is of uniquely shaped but quintessentially Japanese gingko leaves.

With a nice balance of mustard yellow that is neither too bright nor too soft combined with off-white, together with brown hakama pants, this hakama roomwear feels cheerful yet beautiful, and sure looks comfy.

To add to the elegant and feminine feel of the clothing, the collar of both the ladies’ designs also have a nice lace border.

The men’s patterns come with a similar level of refined fashion. The first is a subdued khaki and white leaf pattern combined with a darker cool-tone pant.

The second is a pattern of white firework bursts on a light blue background, coupled with navy blue pants. Both designs maintain that air of casual refinement, and will look great on any wearer!

All four designs also come in kids’ sizes, with slightly different color combinations so you can deck the whole family out in comfy but stylish roomwear!

Each of the patterns was designed by popular illustrator Tanaka (Instagram: @tnk_gr), who has gathered quite a bit of attention on social media for their sweet and colorful character illustrations. The same sense of elegance yet sweetness is encapsulated in their art as well as in their hakama patterns, making these hakama roomwear sets not only comfortable and stylish, but works of art, too!

The hakama are now available from gag, gifts, and collectible shop Village Vanguard for 10,120 yen (US$91.92) for adult sizes and 7,150 yen for kids. You can find them on their online store or in Village Vanguard shops around the country.

Source, images: PR Times
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